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Working in partnership with the University of York

We are delighted to work closely with the University of York as it allows us to support their work which is such an important part of our local community. It also allows our students to be actively involved in research and for them to work alongside PhD students, therefore learning more about what it is like to study at a University.

We have recently taken part in the following projects:

Sleep Study:

Poor sleep is associated with mental health difficulties, including anxiety and depression. However, the neurocognitive mechanisms underpinning this relationship are poorly understood. This relationship is particularly vulnerable in adolescents due to significant changes in sleep, an increased vulnerability to the onset of mental health difficulties, and a critical period of cognitive development. This study examines this relationship by measuring sleep using Actiwatches, mood and behaviour through questionnaires, and cognitive functioning using computerised tasks. The findings from this study may shed light on the mechanisms underpinning the relationship between sleep and mental ill health and lead to the development of interventions, which may have the potential to reduce the risk of mental ill-health.

Maths Project:

This project is investigating which early numerical skills with natural numbers are foundational for future solid understanding of rational numbers (fractions and decimals). This project measures the extent to which mathematical skills such as arithmetic, number comparison, and magnitude knowledge may predict the development of young people’s abilities with rational numbers. By gaining insight into how these foundational skills contribute to skill with rational numbers, the project aims to develop interventions to improve learning of rational number skills for young people.

YorSay Project:

Every year, the City of York Council (CYC) commissions a survey to assess the health and wellbeing of primary and secondary school students across the city. Data collected through the survey is then used to support policy- and decision-making throughout the city. However, it is unclear how well this survey captures the health and wellbeing concerns of modern young people: Are some issues missed? Is the questioning appropriate? The YorSay project aims to work with young people to understand how they think and feel about the current survey and to co-produce a set of recommendations for improving future surveys.