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Student views

Emily Mould

I stayed at Huntington for Sixth Form after completing my GCSEs to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History. I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere else because I was familiar with the teaching style and as a result I knew that the quality of teaching would be really high. Studying science subjects, I was looking for somewhere with excellent laboratory facilities, and the ones at Huntington are outstanding. A massive advantage of Huntington is that it has the Personal Development Programme on Wednesday afternoons, which has enabled me to work as a volunteer in a hospital pharmacy, and has been extremely useful in helping me decide what to study at university.I am currently applying to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and the school have been incredibly supportive in helping me achieve my ambition.

John Tuffen

I joined Huntington Sixth Form from the Vale of York Academy as I already knew a couple of people who went here who had said that the teaching was excellent.Currently, I am studying Music, Maths and History. I really enjoy all of these subjects, and the teachers are fantastic at making things really clear. One of my favourite aspects of Huntington is the extra-curricular activities, especially in the Music department. There are loads of choirs and bands for all skill levels, and they are all really fun.The Personal Development Programme is also a definite highlight. One of my favourites has been taking part in the Pantomime band. This helped to develop my teamwork and confidence, and was a fantastic experience from start to finish. I have enjoyed every single second of Sixth Form so far, and I believe that I definitely made the right decision in coming here.

Rosalind Cooper

I joined Huntington Sixth Form from the Mount School in York to study Spanish, History and Geography. It was a big change, but definitely the right decision for me. Everyone has been so welcoming, particularly the music department, which is a thriving part of the school community. The teachers are very supportive and always encourage us to reach our full potential academically. There is also a strong sense of fun in the Sixth Form - the Christmas panto was a real highlight of my year and just one of the many extra-curricular opportunities that Huntington offers.

Freddy Orchard

I chose to move to Huntington Sixth Form after completing my GCSEs at Easingwold, given the school’s excellent reputation for teaching. I’m studying Maths, Economics and History and have enjoyed the refreshing new environment and brilliant facilities. I’ve really liked the idea of being able to do the Extended Project Qualification in addition to my subjects. It’s allowed me to explore economics in more depth and use it for my university application. I have also found the Personal Development Programme to be very useful as I have boosted my CV through work experience.

Lily Geering

I joined Huntington Sixth after completing my GCSEs at Manor to study English Literature, Drama and Psychology. I decided to come to Huntington because of the strong community feel the Sixth Form had when I came to visit on the open days. Additionally, I love the friendly but academic environment of the Sixth Form and how easy it was to settle in and make new friends.Both staff and students are all so friendly and happy to help with anything, and there are many social events and extra curricular activities to get involved in. The Sixth Form also provides a Personal Development Programme on Wednesday afternoons which offers both challenging and exciting opportunities and can result in a very rewarding experience. I am currently involved in the Pantomime and am looking forward to performing it this coming Christmas.

Ben Bruce

I joined Huntington Sixth Form from Joseph Rowntree School because of the opportunities that the music department offer. I wanted to study Music Technology which wasn’t available at Joseph Rowntree. I really enjoyed the school environment at Huntington and found that I felt comfortable straight away. I chose to study PE, Music Technology and Photography all of which I love. My first year has been a brilliant experience, I’m glad I chose to come to Huntington Sixth Form, and I’m really excited for my second year of A-levels.