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Personal Development

At Huntington School, in partnership with parents and carers, we believe that we have a responsibility to prepare students for success in their ongoing education or career, and for life in modern Britain.

The curriculum we provide extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational, and we are committed to also educating students about how to be responsible citizens.

Our Personal Development programme is carefully planned and considered so that it provides students with the knowledge that they need to make decisions, strengthen them personally, and contribute to building their character.

We also ensure that opportunities for students to develop their talents and interests are of a high quality, and that there is a range of opportunities available. We are keen to respond to the interests of our students and are always open to receiving feedback about other opportunities that we could offer.

We are committed to providing opportunities for student leadership as we believe that every student has the potential to be a successful leader. This allows students to take an active role in our school community and develop positive skills in the process, benefitting their school life and beyond.  We aim to ensure that opportunities are inclusive and that all of our students experience these principles and practices.

You can find out more information about each of the elements of Personal Development by selecting the appropriate section.

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