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The York Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) is an equal partnership of twelve secondary schools (nine state/academy schools and three independent schools). It organises and delivers a range of events that give pupils the opportunity to learn outside the curriculum together with pupils from schools across the city.

Our teachers are involved with and deliver many of these events and our students engage in activities such as the Annual Masterclass Programme, Summer School, Y9 Autumn Residential and the Y7 Breakthrough to ISSP event.


Students have provided us with the following feedback about their experience of engaging with ISSP:

“The sessions opened up so many ideas of things I’ve never thought of before”

“I was hooked after the first session”

 “These masterclasses have motivated me to look for more opportunities like this and to get involved when possible. The staff and students were genuinely welcoming, and I would return in an instance, given the opportunity”.

“The sessions challenged and stretched me whilst being fun and interactive”


You can find out more information about ISSP on their website here.