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Extra- curricular Activities

Engaging in extra-curricular activities is associated with an increased confidence which helps our students to develop their social interactions, have a real aspiration to be the best version of themselves and a sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Playing team sports, doing voluntary work, singing or playing in a band are also vital in developing social networks.

At Huntington School we are working to create a culture where all students are keen to engage with an extra-curricular programme that is broad and inclusive.

We deliberately offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, spanning the musical, artistic, social and sporting domains, as we consider these to be valuable life experiences that should be open to all young people.

You can access an overview of the clubs we offer here.

Many of our extra-curricular activities lead to events where students can share the work they have been creating with the wider school community. Alongside these events we run many educational visits that help to bring our classroom learning to life as well as cultural trips that broaden our students’ experiences of the wider world