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Careers in the Curriculum

Careers In the Curriculum (Gatsby 4) Information

Gatsby Benchmark 4 requires all schools to ‘link curriculum learning to careers’. This means that our young people should be aware of how their future career can be supported by the learning they do in school. ​

Our careers' curriculum is taught as a subject as well as through other subjects to promote the career learning, development and well-being of students. Huntington School prides itself on delivering a broad curriculum which prepares our students for any number of careers. However, in addition to this, our staff work hard to ensure that regular, explicit links are made between careers and the specific skills and knowledge developed by that subject.​ For example, careers in core subjects are embedded in subject learning and delivered through co-curricular activities (such as the student newspaper) to promote subject learning and the overall personal and social development and well-being of students. 

The following PDF provides an overview of ‘some’ of the fantastic work that goes on around our school to ensure careers are considered and promoted in all subject areas.

Careers in the Curriculum (Gatsby 4) 2023-24

We are currently undertaking the Quality in Careers Standard, which is the national quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in secondary schools.